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Roseni lives in Petrópolis/RJ and says that she only discovered dyslexia at the age of 40, already an award-winning writer. She also says that during her time at school she experienced reading and writing difficulties that made her repeat the 7th grade four times.
It was during a period in Germany that she started a diary, and remembering the stories her father told her, she was inspired to write, especially for children, her biggest audience.



Literature is an interpretation of the world that makes us permanently question what we were, are, and can be.

The author carries, in her work, the fundamental concept of understanding creativity as a more playful and ample universe in which the historical and daily invisibilities earn a role of protagonism. In this aspect, it becomes extremely important to feel and to see how any kind of prejudice, in the most varied spheres, can be taken to the most diverse public through the optic of the creative

writing, in a way of testimony or metaphor.

The essential part is that the writing space is continuously about thinking about

existence in a renewed manner inside a free and libertary optic in which absolutely everything can be revisited, rethought, and questioned.



Oscar D'Ambrosio



by herself

I felt stupid and so I couldn't go on (in high school). I didn't understand what was wrong with me. On the contrary, my mind was capable of fantasizing situations and stories with an enormous wealth of details. I couldn't understand how two such opposite things were happening in my head at the same time.

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