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Vania Cáus is a sculptor from Espírito Santo and it was through art, especially the language of the mosaic with references in the work of the Spaniard Gaudí, that she was able to understand and relate to the world.



From indigenous origin, the work of the Paneleiras de Goiabeiras in Vitória, ES, is recognized as an immaterial patrimony by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (Iphan). The place maintains the tradition, that goes from mother to children and grandchildren, of the technique of transforming earth into pots, that dispenses the use of lathes and ovens, being modeled by hand, with the burning process being conducted in open air.

By the mosaic language, Vania Cáus created a monument, that was awarded in a notice from Prefeitura Municipal de Vitória, with resources from FUNCULTURA through the law Aldir Blanc, that pays homage focusing on the ancestral way of making pots and the protagonism of these women towards this activity.


Oscar D'Ambrosio



by herself

Through art, especially the language of mosaics, I can better understand the world and give the answers it asks for.

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