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Dyslexia is seen as a difficulty. The difficulty of learning to read and write, in the “right” time, form, rhythm.

Our educational model will be formatted in such a way that all students must follow the same path, fit in the same box, develop in the same fields and knowledge. That's why when someone doesn't fit this model, that someone has a problem.

Those with dyslexia feel this way, as if they were from another mold.
Your mind, however, is full of creativity, with a keen vision, great problem-solving skills, capable of narrating inspiring stories.

This mismatch generates restlessness, a desire to spread around the world this creativity that is suffocated, muffled by the school model.
And it spills over the world in the form of amazing artists and innovative people.

From this misalignment between what is said, what is expected and what is felt, what is experienced, the Dyslexia when Art Exhibition was born. 

It was born as a manifesto that declares its intention to show the world the creative ability that is often stifled within a rigid and inflexible structure.
It was born as a way to manifest the creative gift, to inspire, to value, to overflow.


The exhibition was born as a manifesto and a manifesto is a provocation. And it proposes to provoke not only by putting a spotlight on the creative talent of dyslexics, it provokes in its innovative format.
It uses the instagram feed as an art gallery, with each line an artist and their work, and as a gallery it shows all the works in its vernissage, driving the algorithm crazy that does not wait for the flood of posts in sequence.
This choice also manifests the desire to include:
•    With its accessible format - online and free
•    In the selection of artists - consecrated and unpublished
•    Breaking borders -Brazilian and foreign artists
•    For embracing every form of art – various aspects represented
In its first edition in 2020, the show featured

12 artists, in 2021, that number grows to

18 artists and goes even further

in 2022, with 25 artists



In its 3rd edition, the show expands beyond the horizons of social networks and inaugurates a virtual gallery that provides an immersive experience to visitors.

The gallery in the metaverse allows the insertion of different works in an elegant and innovative environment, and guarantees visitors countless possibilities for deepening, connection and contemplation.



In 2022, the online exhibition gains a presence in the real world with face-to-face events where the public is offered a guided tour of the virtual gallery and a relaxed chat with some of the participating artists and the producers of the exhibition. The event raises awareness of the importance of a new look at dyslexia.


The 4th edition in 2023 gains a physical space with a lot of history. In an almost emblematic way, in its first face-to-face experience, the Dyslexia when Art is installed at the Museu da Escola Catarinense, a historic building in the city of Florianópolis, which also housed the first Faculty of Education in Brazil.
In September/2023.

fachada museu.jpeg
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