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Letícia Novaes is an actress, singer, songwriter and writer. Graduated in theater and singing, Letícia was an actress in plays, series and films. She was vocalist and composer in the band Letuce, maintained a monthly column in the newspaper “O Globo” and is currently pursuing a solo career with the artistic name Letrux. Her first solo album, entitled Letrux em Noite de Climão, was voted the 10th best Brazilian album of 2017 by Rolling Stone Brasil magazine.



Zaralha – abri minha pasta (I opened my folder) is not a conventional literary work. The book is a combination of materials that were kept throughout the years. The artist’s poetry, notes, photographs, drawings and even old school works form a biographical collage.


Luisa Venturelli



by herself

My creative process began with a creative mother, who always encouraged me to read and write. At school I was always more confused, but very excited about the parts of freedom, without rules.

Since I was a child, I have been very involved with letters and orders; Just the other day I went to write music and I wrote shirt.

I have fun and I use a lot of my dyslexia in my poetry, in my creation. Sometimes it's hard to pay attention or make it to the bottom of a page with all the meanings alive, but I love literature so much that I try really hard. And I give myself to her.

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