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Adriana Martinez is an artist, fashion illustrator and stylist. She is an effective professor of the Bachelor of Fashion course at the State University of Santa Catarina, and coordinator and creator of the Modarte Extension Program, also at UDESC. Her work ranges from visual arts, mixes with fashion and even goes as far as scenic costumes and object design.

For Adriana, what motivates her as an artist is “the possibility of expressing myself, translating my thoughts, images that attract me, my dreams, questions, the parts of my life story that bring me anguish, as well as joy.”



Hoje é Dia das Marias (2012) was the name given to the collection of shirts inspired by the costumes of the show Hoje é dia de Maria (2004), written by Luis Fernando Carvalho. Pursuing approximations between fashion and the arts, through costumes with focus on Wearable Art and Live Art, ten men's shirts were completely unstitched and rebuilt as female. The shirts were dyed with natural materials such as coffee and different types of teas, and adorned with buttons, trims, fabric scraps and reused lace. Each shirt represents a character from the show, which, in Adriana’s vision, refer also to the problems present in the female universe.


Luisa Venturelli




The works in serie "Crusts, by Adriana Martinez, made in fabrics and painting, can be worn. They are "wearable art", entitled "Amazônia in ashes", "Amazônia alive" and "Amazonia in metamorphosis", inspired by the trees from the forest. They lead us to reflect on how the region feels about being burned, and how it's possible to be reborn and transform, because, in the last analysis, this is what life is about: a sequence of constant changes and rarely in the same direction. Visual artist and university professor, Adriana, shows great difficulty in memorizing numbers and making math equations, and with other characteristics. She creates art with paintings, wearable art, and in the case shown, drawing and illustration, also developing searches about costumes.


Oscar D'Ambrosio



Adriana Martinez - Cascas3.jpeg

by herself

I've always had a lot of problems with math, I don't memorize numbers at all and I have a hard time keeping what I read; I'm terrible at remembering names and I'm super confused by technology. However, I have a good visual memory, so I always used colors and drawings to memorize what was needed.

My imagination has always been my best refuge, I never stop creating. Sometimes it even stuns me: when I was little they said I was lazy... I didn't concentrate, I was only interested in drawing and painting. I liked history a lot too.

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