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Amanda Beatriz Hrysyk was born in Pitanga-PR and currently lives in the country side of São Paulo. She grew up between books, and, such is her sensitivity, she found herself in poetry as a child, at the age of seven. Today she is on her way to being a Literature teacher.


Ressignificado Rimado (2020) is a series of five poems that address as a theme the speeches and nicknames that people with dyslexia grow up listening to, giving them a new meaning. This series celebrates the uniqueness of artists with dyslexia.


Luisa Venturelli




by herself

When I write poetry, it describes me.  Each stroke is an outburst and each line, my life. Art and dyslexia go hand in hand, I communicated through it even before words.

Dyslexia has a lot to talk about and art a lot to express. When this is found, the work is ready. Due to dyslexia, I have eyes of poetry.

It is for me as a gift, I see and am seen differently. I don't know where it ends and I begin, we are one.

I'm only me because I'm it. In that node, we have each other. Sometimes, it confuses me, confuses me... I feel bad. But it soon makes me laugh and makes me rhyme.

Flag of peace! I'm not looking for a cure or a fix.

Sick I would be if I wanted to be equal. Broken I would be if I wanted to be normal. The closer I get to my private reality, the more the verses start to come together.

I grew up with this narrative, poetry is my native language.

Let's see how it goes! In the end, this turned out to be.

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