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Bravo is a Brazilian multi-artist and currently lives in Leipzig, Germany. His relationship with dyslexia is one of love and hate, on the one hand all the difficulties that current society imposes on those with dyslexia, on the other, the immense creative capacity and ability to find solutions.

It is through art that he communicates with the public, expresses himself and develops as a person.

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A character represented in diverse media, as in a Photographic shoot, video and public performances, Mister Z is a mysterious being that carries an ambiguity of transitions. With a human body and a zebra head, wearing gloves, a tie and supported by a species of cane, that provides him some authority, connection between the profane/telluric world and the divine one.

His pose, sitting and ecstatic, brings out an archetypical memory of authority and control. His hybridism points to a human capacity of leading and controlling, but its own posture indicates a sort of violence, and maybe even an internal uncontrol. Looking at him reminds of the well-known Minotaur, with a human body and the head of a bull. Fruit of a forbidden relationship, it used to feed itself from young people's blood in the labyrinth in which he was locked. Maybe we are, during a part of our journey, this human zebra / zebra human, threatening the others and ourselves. Getting rid of Mister Z, metamorphosing the selfish id of the brain into something kind, free of vanity, is the process of a lifetime.


Oscar D'Ambrosio



by himself

My relationship with dyslexia is one of love and hate.

I say that there are times when I have dyslexia and there are times when it owns me, and then I am its hostage and I go through all the difficulties that a person with dyslexia goes through in society.

And when I have dyslexia, there are the superpowers it gives me, a different way of seeing the world, a different way of processing information, of finding patterns, of perceiving the world in a different, unique way.
It has an immense creative capacity, a capacity to find solutions, and I'm not just talking about the artistic creativity of concepts, of aesthetics, but also of making my work viable.

Dyslexia also influences my work towards being multimedia.

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