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Elizabeth and Charlotte live in London, and are the founders of the Move Beyond Words project. In its creations, it aims for dance organizations to question and consider changes that allow work environments to become healthier and more productive for all involved. MBW has been consulting dance organizations and artists since 2020 on best practices and works with dyslexic creatives on collaborative creative projects.



The founders of the project Move Beyond Words present, in this choreography, filmed and entitled "UN[BOX]ED", the journey of a person that deals with diverse types of stigmas, among them, dyslexia. The piece shows the agony of those who see themselves framed inside rigid parameters, being difficult in a certain moment, to know until which point these parameters are created, maintained, and perpetuated by society or by the person itself, that ends up submitting to them seeming to fit.

Kirubel Belay interprets the creation of Elisabeth Arifien and Charlotte Edmonds, with the original sound score of Tony Nwachukwu.

The result points out the pain of being locked and to the possibility of freedom from any kind of label because dancing through life and being in harmony with it, is a conquer built and improved each day.


Oscar D'Ambrosio



Dancer | Kirubel Belay 

Direction and Choreography | Elizabeth Arifien & Charlotte Edmonds  
Production |  Rob Gerrard
Edition |  Thomas Bridgen

Video |  Alan Johnson

Music | Tony Nwachukwu

Graphic Design| Alex Colehan

Costume Design | Ka Wa Key 
Photography | Louis Headlam



by themselves

We are founders of Move Beyond Words, Elizabeth and Charlotte.

We met in 2018 shortly after discovering that as choreographers, teachers, facilitators and artists, we were both exploring our personal experiences with dyslexia through dance and film.

Collectively, our research and work has allowed us to facilitate change in the dance industry for the next generation of dance artists.

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