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Erick is a multi-artist, self-directed and restless, moving through photography, drawing, cinema, performance, among other aspects of art.
His Art4all project seeks to bring art to every corner and every person.

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One of the most important principles of the project ENTREMUNDOS, by Erick Amarante, it's proportional personal development through art. That includes the concept of inspiring everyone to see the world in different ways, so that each one communicates their own reality. In this context, the artist understands dyslexia as a different way of being in a diverse world by nature. So, it becomes a superpower to face the adversities of the world; and the images created by the artist make the public develop their concerns and provocations about everything that exists. As art is the channel by which Erick Amarante relates himself to everything around him, dyslexia stops being an obstacle that he needs to pass. The discussion is dislocated to overcome this mentality, the education system and the structure of different orders that create barriers to the dyslexics, making their inclusion and participation in society harder.


Oscar D'Ambrosio



by himself

Dyslexia is a different way of being in a world full of diversity. When the Being expresses his art of living, dyslexia becomes a super power that helps him to overcome all the adversities of the world.

Art is where my dyslexia allows me to shine and connect with the worlds around me, it's where I can express myself and inspire others.
Dyslexia is constantly presented as an obstacle to be overcome, but it is not about overcoming dyslexia, but the mentality, the education system and social structures that create the barriers.

Dyslexia is Art, Art is life and I live for all Art.

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