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Felipe Pancas, chef, was born in Santos, on the coast of SP. He was diagnosed with dyslexia, hyperactivity and attention disorder when he was just 7 years old. With a degree in gastronomy and a postgraduate degree in food business management, he discovered his passion and form of expression in gastronomy. In 2015 he moved to Ireland with the intention of taking on a new challenge, starting from scratch in a new country. Today he is Head Chef at a famous steakhouse in Dublin.



Grilled filet mignon medallion with sweet potato crisp and meat sauce with black pepper.

Ideas that turn into flavors and textures.


Luisa Venturelli



by himself

Being a scout and doing theater helped me a lot to deal with dyslexia, because those are activities that stimulate creativity and action, unlike orthodox teaching methods.

But it was gastronomy that transformed my life, it was where I found my passion and my way of expression.

Mia Couto says that “cooking is not a service, it's a way of loving others”, and I absolutely agree.

Cooking is an art, it's a form of expression, it's poetry to be tasted! Food is linked to memory, celebrations and moments. It's gastronomy that keeps me creative and active and that made me overcome my difficulties.

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