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Julien is a multi-artist, working with fashion through his own textiles, performances, videos and sound.

Living in Montreal, Canada, he has his perception of the world influenced by dyslexia and seeks in his work the meeting between chaos and structure, expanding the dialogue about dyslexia and neurodiversity.



The video presented in this exhibition shows movements suggesting encounters and disagreements that metaphorize human relationships.

The fragility of relationships between people is present not only in the dynamics of walking through life, but in the way bodies dialogue with each other, seeking a completeness that is perhaps impossible to achieve.

The textures and colors of the clothes used - and their conversation with the space - strengthen the discussion of approximations and differences that go beyond racial and gender issues. The white of the scenery and the birth of a world suggested in the choreography makes us reflect on the ways in which each of us takes care of themselves, there fellows and the planet itself.


Oscar D'Ambrosio


📷 Image in white space

Template | Nicholas Bellefleur / Chad Erick Concepcion

Image | Charles Vary


📷 Image with sphere and blue accessory

Template | Roman Uzual  /Nick Desillus

Image | Charles Vary


📷 Artist image | ocean auclair



by himself

This exhibition allows me to be more visible and have a stronger impact, as I want to raise awareness in the art world, through my clothing creations, on topics such as neurodiversity and inclusion.

I want to make people talk about my work, open more doors to social inclusion, expand or even remove certain boundaries and, thus, raise awareness about issues that are increasingly present in our world.

I want to highlight manual work within the art industry, it is very important for me to associate it, to continue to make it live and not let it fall into oblivion.

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