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Mariana is from Fortaleza/CE and when she was little she already wanted to be like the presenter of the Art Attack program, who made drawings and had fun with it. This thought stayed with her for the rest of her life, when she choose to pursue a career in the area of graphic design and, for now, look to  the opportunity to show this fun way of looking at art as a teacher. It was in the university that she discovered herself as an artist with dyslexia and she takes advantage of this space to bring more information to other students and to the public.


The visual research developed by the artist goes through a reflection on how the brain of a person with dyslexia works. It is also about an essential way of thinking about a question that many times isn't even discussed: how the word "dyslexia", that represents an identity quality towards a group, has a very difficult spelling for those who should connect to it with ease.

It has a very important point, because it distinguishes neurodiverse individuals but, as it becomes difficult for them to access, it happens to be way more used by neurotypical people to have a vocable in which they can mark the ones that think and see the world in a different way.


Oscar D'Ambrosio




by herself

Sometimes, it's not a motivation, but an impulse which I develop something in my mind and I have to put it out there, then I work on it until I get the results I expect, other moments it's curiosity about how I'm going to solve some aesthetic issue, then It's more of a trial and error methodology.  But sometimes words are not enough to express what I feel, so I need to produce images to externalize my thoughts. 

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