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Nathália is an actress, teacher and researcher in Rio de Janeiro and says she has been doing theater since she was 7 years old.
She has always been accepted in theater classes, without being judged for writing and reading issues, which is why she takes art into teaching, bringing inclusion to the center, in a playful and creative way.



The video " Do I need to focus?", that talks about the relationship between the individual and the society, was created as an experiment in a theater workshop. It portrays and questions the difficulty to answer the demands of the world. We live in a context in which the requests are multiple and simultaneous, and relating to them asks for permanent attention, trespassed by the necessity of making permanent choices daily.

This external pressure exists because of the propositions made by those who surround us, the necessity of hearing and processing what is said, and what is said during the execution of what is proposed. Those instances mix and can generate the most varied kinds of feelings, such as agony, despair, apathy, melancholy and even depression.


Oscar D'Ambrosio



by herself

I am an actress, teacher and researcher, I have been taking a theater course since I was 7 years old and this was essential for my reading and writing process. Although I had difficulty concentrating and memorizing, in the theater I was always accepted and I didn't feel different from the other children. In childhood, I liked to create stories and put my cousins and friends on stage, also playing with dolls, so playfulness and creativity were part of my daily life. At school I made an effort to be a standout student, sometimes studying more than I should and this made my difficulties “camouflaged”, but in the theater these difficulties were enhanced. When I finished high school, I had no doubts and wanted to make this art a profession. I did college in performing arts, postgraduate courses in higher education teaching and a master's degree in teaching the performing arts. I currently teach in the state education network of RJ and in the degree in theater at Estácio College. I have a passion for teaching and an interest in the theme of inclusion, as in none of the educational instances was I welcomed or guided to make differentiated assessments that would help in the learning process. 

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