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Ciarán is an architect in Dublin, Ireland, the city where he was born and where, because of his dyslexia, he attended all Irish language schools.
Under the name of Pigsy, he has been an artist, bringing elements of the architect to his expressionist works, without the limitations of architecture, for over 20 years, a process that began in the corridors of schools, in their long waits outside the classroom.
His painting, usually autobiographical, expresses what goes on in his head, showing his frustration and, at the same time, his fascination with letters.



Irish from Dublin, Pigsy  (artistic name from Ciarán McCoy) works with a visual language characterized by the connections between graffiti and an anesthetic that

can be considered neo expressionist because of the manner it constructs its images, with a visceral gesture.
It's about a spontaneous language that includes visual elements from urban art and doesn't worry about camouflaging the orthographical mistakes that come from dyslexia.
The artist gives himself the freedom to overcome any inhibitions in the name of plastic constrictions that come from the way he sees the world.
There is a lot of spontaneity and rapidity of a self-poetry that reaches to a direct and intense communication with the spectator.


Oscar D'Ambrosio



by himself

I went to every Irish primary and secondary school in town.

Being dyslexic brought learning challenges that had me going from school to night school for most of my academic youth. It was in these extra classes that I began to express myself artistically, while waiting in the hallway I would draw on the school blackboards to vent my frustration of having to take extra classes.

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