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Tom lives in the UK and was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 11, which was a huge relief, but otherwise school wasn't much help.
He used art as a refuge and it was only when he wanted to bring his drawings to life that he “discovered” writing.
Tom is a renowned children's author with several books published, one translated into Portuguese – The Story Machine.

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The image presented by the artist is part of a project that orbits around the capacity of a boy transforming letters to create images that create stories.

The process is magical because of the established dynamic between what the artist desires to create and what he manages to. The images constitute a dive into the density of the creative act. It is evidenced that the act of knowing how to spell or read fluently does not transform a person into a writer.

The domain of the technique itself is not enough, neither fulfills the necessity of interpreting the world. The mystery and the secret are finding your own voice. In the moment that a way to output what you wish is found, art takes place, in its fullness.


Oscar D'Ambrosio



by himself

I like to tell stories through my drawings. It doesn't matter if it's a simple joke or a whole book. 
I like my art to take people on a journey.

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