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Tony de Marco is an artist who works in many ways: illustration, typographic design, photography and urban art. He has been designing digital fonts since 1989. He is the founder of Just in Type, active since 2004 and co-editor of Tupigrafia magazine. He was awarded in 2003 at the Linotype International Type Design Contest for the Samba font, used by Nike on the shirt of the Brazilian national team during the 2014 World Cup. His photo essay São Paulo No Logo was exhibited in London, Rotterdam and Shanghai. Tony has been painting in the streets of São Paulo since 2005, under the name Pixotosco, he joins art and programming in works by the duo Contrast and builds bicycles from scrap metal in the collective Os+Chave.



Tribute to Technologic (2020) is a video clip, a tribute to Daft Punk and their track Technologic. Sixty-four pictograms were illustrated and animated by Tony de Marco for the video.


Luisa Venturelli



by himself

I was diagnosed as dyslexic at age twelve by psychologists.

Same old story: smart kid who does terribly in school. I almost failed several times needing all the resources and “low blows” to finish high school. I managed to overcome many of the reading and writing difficulties, but even today my memory for any type of number is zero, be it dates, passwords, values, etc.

Drawing was my escape as a child and lifeline as an adult. I was a newspaper illustrator, art editor, video clip director and currently my main occupation is designing alphabets and icons. I also design to a weekly animated opinion column in the Meio newsletter.

Dyslexia helps me to see the connections between words, images and concepts in the midst of the crazy mix of words, images and concepts that come from inside my head.

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